Created by experienced attorneys, seasoned business developers, and certified coaches, the Rainmaking Academy is an online business development program for law firms accessible on-demand, anytime and anywhere.

Featuring 12 online modules loaded with several short 5-10 minute video lessons, tools, templates, and worksheets, your lawyers get to learn every key rainmaking skill on their own schedule!

Created Specifically for Law Firms 

that want to help their attorneys





Comprehensive Business Development Curriculum

Includes everything needed to become a successful rainmaker, from start to finish!
Zero prior business, marketing, or sales experience needed.

Each training module is packed with video lessons, action steps, tools, and worksheets.

Module 1:
Critical Foundation for Successful Rainmaking and Setting Business Development Goals
Module 2:
Proven Strategies to Attract Your IDEAL Clients (Not Just Any Clients)
Module 3:
How to Distinguish Yourself from Others & Boost Your Credibility
Module 4:
How to Strategically Network Like a Pro (What To Do Before, During, and After Networking)
Module 5:

Transformative Relationship Building Process to Turn Your Contacts into Profitable Relationships

Module 6:

Strategies for Savvy and Subtle Self-Promotion to Effectively Market Your Expertise

Module 7:
Advanced Communication Tips and Techniques for Effective Rainmaking Conversations
Module 8:
Effective Strategies to Ask for Business without Feeling Salesy, Pushy, or Uncomfortable
Module 9:

Develop a Personalized Step-by-Step Business Development Process that Works for You

Module 10:

What Makes Clients Stay, Pay & Refer & How to Get More Work from Existing Clients

Module 11:
Get the Most Out of LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms
Module 12:
How to Create an Ongoing Rock-Solid Rainmaking Action Plan

Program Features

Designed with the busy lawyer in mind, these program features will help attorneys stay focused, on track, and achieving results fast!


Robust business development curriculum is at the core of the Rainmaking Academy LEARN MORE +


Packed with proven strategies and are only 5-10 minutes long (click Learn More+ to watch 3 sample videos) LEARN MORE +


Powerful tool to help lawyers stay focused on their goals so they can start seeing results fast LEARN MORE +


Extensive library of rainmaking tools designed to keep moving lawyers forward at all times LEARN MORE +


These are just some of the outcomes attorneys can look forward to achieving!

“I am thrilled to have just brought in new business representing a Fortune 500 company in several matters!”

“I walked into their business development training ‘blind’, so to speak, and after having experienced their solid rainmaking curriculum and coaching, now I can see.  The sessions are high impact, game changing learning experiences for lawyers like me trying to effectively broaden my network and generate business.  I am thrilled to have just brought in new business representing a Fortune 500 company in several matters!”
– Craig Salner, Esq. | Partner,  Clarke Silverglate, P.A.

“I got two new business clients!”

“After doing just one of the relationship building exercises, I got two new business clients!”
– Tammi Calarco, Esq. | Founding Partner, Tammi A. Calarco, P.A.

“My biz dev efforts have changed drastically, resulting in new clients, new referral sources and new work from existing clients.”

“Since working with the 20/20 Leadership Group, my biz dev efforts have changed drastically, resulting in new clients, new referral sources and new work from existing clients. It wasn’t until I started working with them that I learned how much strategy, psychology and skills are actually involved in doing networking, follow-up and relationship building the right way. 20/20 Leadership Group has been an invaluable resource!”
– Yvenne King, Esq. | Founding Partner, YMK Associates

“I’m receiving tremendous value from 20/20 Leadership Group’s Rainmaking Academy.”

“I’m receiving tremendous value from 20/20 Leadership Group’s Rainmaking Academy, and have gained a ton of focus and clarity around my business development goals, prospective clients I want to target, how to approach them, what to say and what to do with them to cultivate relationships that turn into business. In addition to the helpful curriculum, I also learn from other Rainmaking Academy members during the group calls.  I’m thrilled to be part of this wonderful program!”
Partner, Am Law 50 Firm

“What I found most valuable is how the program helped me change my mindset about business development and I’ve just brought in my first piece of business to my firm! Not only have they helped me overcome internal obstacles that have held me back in the past, but their strategies and approaches have made goals that once felt overwhelming now doable.”
Zakarij N. Laux, Esq. | Attorney, Bast Amron LLP
“I was most impressed by how, in the span of an hour, they were able to provide clear and practical strategies on how I could develop my business as a lawyer and strengthen my most important professional relationships.”
Jamie Bigayer, Esq. | Associate Attorney, Carlton Fields
“As attorneys themselves, Yuliya and Marla offered tangible guidance and strategies that can be implemented right away to develop relationships and clients. I have already started using one of the tips that they taught us and have found that it helps me to more effectively communicate how I can assist potential clients.”
Jennifer C. Erdelyi, Esq. | Founding Partner, Jennifer C. Erdelyi, P.A.
“Everything I do now – from choosing which networking events to attend, to who to connect with, to how best to introduce myself and describe my practice areas – has become so much more focused, strategic and productive.”
Bobbi Meloro, Esq. | Attorney
“As any litigator, my practice is quite varied and most of my clients are corporate entities from various industries. Finding new clients has proven to be a challenge as I didn’t have a clear strategy on where to meet these prospective clients or how to successfully develop relationships that would lead to business. Marla and Yuliya helped me identify several great corporate niches where I could focus my business development efforts and shared concrete strategies for connecting and building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with contacts and prospective clients. Thank you!”
Doris Negrin, Esq. | Of Counsel, Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell
“I met Yuliya LaRoe and Marla Grant at a workshop they led on business development for women lawyers. I was really impressed by what they shared and decided to hire them to help me grow my practice. In the six months of working with Yuliya as my coach my networking efforts became much more strategic, I got several client referrals, and also negotiated a substantial raise to my salary and a commission-based component that rewards me for bringing new cases. This is the first time in my life that I feel so confident, reenergized and financially secure! Thank you ladies!”
Beth M. Feder, Esq. | Attorney, The Winston Law Firm


As experienced attorneys and certified business development and leadership coaches, the Rainmaking Academy creators bring years of industry experience and coaching expertise.

Yuliya LaRoe, JD, CPC

Business Development Coach

As a certified coach and experienced attorney and business developer, Yuliya transforms lawyers who have little or no business or leadership experience into successful rainmakers and effective leaders. Using a proprietary Rainmaking Success Framework and time-tested methodologies, Yuliya helps lawyers engage high-level business and corporate clients by developing a systematic approach that is based on their unique leadership and rainmaking behavioral profile. Prior to helping lawyers, Yuliya practiced law at an Am Law 100 firm for nearly 10 years as counsel for numerous Fortune 500 Companies, including Cisco Systems, Halliburton, Herbalife, and others. Yuliya holds a law degree from USC Law School and is credentialed as a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Marla Grant, Esq., CEC

Business Development Coach

As a certified coach, experienced attorney and former division Vice President of a global company, Marla helps lawyers become successful business developers and exceptional leaders and accelerate their career growth. She has successfully transitioned into leadership and been in the business of relationship building throughout her professional career. After a successful career as a litigator, she became a division Vice President of a leading global technology provider where she oversaw client retention through strategic relationship management. She later transitioned out of management to help lawyers maximize their success as business developers and leaders. She holds a law degree from Boston University School of Law and is certified as an Executive Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching.


The Rainmaking Academy is an innovative online business development coaching program designed specifically for busy lawyers who want to develop the rainmaking skills critical to their ongoing career success on their own time. This Academy is for lawyers who are already extremely capable of delivering their services and are now ready to take a more active role in developing business. Although this program will require time, attention, energy and commitment, attorneys get to control when, where and how they do it!

Yuliya LaRoe, Esq. and Marla Grant, Esq., who are both experienced attorneys and certified business development and leadership coaches, are the creators of the Rainmaking Academy. They know firsthand what it’s like to be a busy lawyer juggling a ton of pressures with very limited time so they designed an online program to make the rainmaking learning experience more convenient and accessible. Attorneys do not need to stress about traveling to or missing a live training because they get to decide when and where they learn each module. To learn more about the Academy creators, click here.

Our comprehensive 12-module signature business development curriculum is covered in the video lessons. Each video is packed with proven strategies and best practices necessary to develop a winning process and structure allowing lawyers to successfully distinguish themselves from others, identify the right opportunities, expand their network, build profitable relationships, and develop a strong book of business. A sampling of the types of topics covered are:

  • Qualities and Habits of Successful Business Developers
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Creating a Marketing and Business Development Action Plan
  • Finding Time for Business Development and Dealing with Overwhelm
  • Identifying Profitable Niche(s)
  • Creating Ideal Client Profile(s)
  • Identifying Referral Sources
  • Determining Your Networking Style
  • Identifying Your Most Productive Networking Activities
  • Crafting Your Winning Elevator Pitch
  • Identifying Your Social Capital (Prospective Clients, Influencers, Connectors, and Referral Sources within the Firm and Externally)
  • Relationship Strengthening Action Plan & Tracking
  • Creating Your Personal Brand
  • Determining Your Most Effective Marketing and Self-Promotional Methods
  • Mastering the Ask and Overcoming Objections
  • Identifying and Pursuing Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Identifying New Business Opportunities with Existing Clients
  • And much more

Designed specifically for busy lawyers, each video lesson is only about 5-10 minutes long. Each Module contains a variety of different video lessons. We recognize that attorneys’ time is limited so we’ve intentionally designed this business development training to be delivered in short increments so that they can realistically incorporate it into their busy schedules and which means less time away from billable work.  We also know that the best results will come when attorneys get to focus more on taking action rather than listening to lengthy lectures.  That’s why each video lesson contains practical strategies and ends with 2-3 specific action items allowing attorneys to put what they’ve learned into action immediately and begin seeing progress fast.

Each training module includes practical tools and worksheets that accompany the video lessons. Our extensive library of rainmaking tools, templates, worksheets, and processes follows our robust business development curriculum and is designed to keep moving lawyers forward at all times. Recognizing that business development can sometimes feel overwhelming, we deliver the tools in “bite-sized” chunks to make it doable to integrate into their busy schedules.

This entire robust business development training is delivered via 12 modules in “bite-sized” chunks to make it doable to integrate into lawyers’ busy schedules, which means less time away from billable work. Lawyers receive access to the entire program for 12 months and are able to move through the program on their own schedule and at their own pace. Lawyers can get additional support from their firms via optional facilitated masterminds or private coaching with one of 20/20 Leadership Group’s expert business development coaches.

The Rainmaking Academy is more effective than traditional training methods not only because it is designed specifically for busy lawyers, but also because the extensive online content and curriculum delivered is applied and reinforced “offline” when the Academy participants get the chance to apply new skills, strategies and techniques “on the job”.